The Best Paper Airplane Ever – all in ten folds!

Here is what I consider to be the best paper airplane you can make out of a single sheet of paper – and only with 10 folds and NO cutting or tape etc.
E.i. the best “pure” paper airplane in the classical sense of the word.
Flies nice and straight and has positive lateral stability – due to the dihedral winglets. You can actually see it correcting itself in flight.
I have been making this particular airplane since I was a kid (so that’s 30+ years?) and it is my own design.
I have never seen any other like this before – I do believe this one flies the best!!


Fold wings down

The wing fold starts just aft of the nose and therefore a little up.
This of course is subject to your design and requirements; but I have found the best dimension to be at least 1cm or more behind the nose. I usually make it around 15mm.
This results in a kind of “gullwing” form when it flies – as the airplane will not stay perfectly folded together when you release it.